How would you like to save tens of thousands of dollars on your commercial property taxes?

There is no charge for the preliminary review!


Here is a synopsis of some of our successes in getting real estate taxes reduced for commercial property owners in New York:


We recently got the assessed valuation (and thus the tax) reduced on a shopping center by nearly 24%, resulting in a tax savings to that client of about $65,000 per year.


We also recently significantly reduced the assessed for an owner of approximately 100 units in a condominium complex, resulting in a tax savings to that owner of about $40,000 per year.  We are also filing with respect to that condominium owner's Village taxes on those condos and anticipate obtaining additional tax savings beyond what was obtained so far.

Prior to working on your case, we conduct a preliminary review with our appraiser to see if the case has potential. There is no charge for the preliminary review.


If we find that the case has merit, then there will be a charge for an appraisal. The only other charges involved are for court filings and appraisal updates.  Our legal fees are on a contingency basis, meaning that if we do not get a reduction for you, there is no fee.




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